Hugene 2 CF – 29″


Tour, Trail, Allmountain? What now? The new Hugene is the answer. A bike with 140 mm of travel that always fits. Whether it is a quick trail loop, an all-day tour or even an alpine cross. The Hugene is a summiteer on the uphills and a rocket on the downhills. One bike to rule them all.


More fun on every trail

A lightweight carbon frame paired with large 29″ wheels helps you to conquer every steep uphill section efficiently. The suspension travel of 140 mm ensures that you will always be in control on your way down. With the combination of smooth running and agile handling, the Hugene is the perfect daily bike. So you get even more fun out of every trail, no matter what terrain.


Easy and comfortable climbing

Do you like steep climbs and long uphill sections? Due to the steep seat angle and flat steering angle, our Hugene climbs every mountain smoothly and effortlessly. Together with the moderate reach, your power is transferred directly to the ground, and constant front wheel lifting is a thing of the past. Thanks to the large 29″ wheels, the traction improves a lot and brings you even better grip. 


More single tracks? Yes please!

More flow even on technical terrain? Not a problem with our Hugene. The large wheels guarantee smooth running and excellent rollover behavior even at high speed. It’s playful character lets you fly from corner to corner without ever losing control. Whether rocky, rooty or sandy, with the Hugene you are agile enough to master any trail.


Why 29″ wheels?

Comfort! Grip! Smooth running! We continue to rely on 29″ wheels for our trail bike. The advantages are obvious: The larger wheels ensure better rolling behavior and rough terrain can be rolled over more quickly than with smaller wheels. The larger contact area of the 29″ tires also improves traction resulting in better grip. The longer wheelbase makes the bike more stable and the larger wheels store more energy during the ride, which keeps you going faster for longer. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with our trail bike: speed, smoothness, and comfort both uphill and downhill.


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