Tyre Yoghurt (Tubeless Sealant)


Available in 500ml and 150ml sizes, Tyre Yogurt tubeless sealant:-

-Seals up to 6mm holes and rips in tubeless tyres
-Does not separate and clump
-Will not dry out
-No latex or ammonia
-Non-corrosive, non-toxic & non-flammable
-Water washable

The handy nozzle on the 150ml is ideal for adding Tyre Yogurt through the valve but a handy tube is also available.

A Perfect Alternative to Latex Based Sealants…..
Flat Free & Full of Fibre tech offers premium puncture protection to seal punctures & prevents flats in tubeless tyres.
Tyre Yogurt tubeless sealant will not separate, clump or dry out. It is latex-free, ammonia-free, water washable, non toxic and seals up to 6mm holes & cuts in tubeless tyres.
The liquid we use does not dry out, and holds the fibres and fillers permanently in suspension so they will not separate, clump together or block valves.
Tyre Yogurt has no shelf-life so can be re-used and can last for the life span of your tyre.
OK, but how does it work?
There are millions and millions of fibres and fillers permanently suspended in Tyre Yogurt. When a puncture occurs, the air in the tyre forces the fibres and fillers into the hole. This forms a flexible plug and a physical seal that prevents further air loss. As the liquid is not part of the sealing process, we do not have to use latex – which can separate and dry out in your tyre.

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500ml, 150ml