Titanium Tubeless Valve


To achieve reliability, quality and consistency ELK MTB have painstakingly created a bike valve made from Titanium. The result is that we have a main core made from Titanium with the cap and screw made from quality aluminum while the inner core remains standard*. For a product this small, the weight factor was negligible so we were able to fully focus on strength and longevity through the use of Titanium as it provides a non corrosive, high strength product. Being as simple as ‘Fit and Forget’, we love it.

Length: 44mm

Package includes:

1. Titanium Valve Main Core Body – Qty. 02

2. Colored Valve Cap – Qty. 02

3. Colored Valve Nut – Qty. 02

4. Plastic Valve Cap – Qty. 02

5. Valve Core – Qty. 02

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Black, Blue, Green, Oil Slick, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver